Sharjeel Shahid

Sharjeel Shahid is an Engineer by profession. He completed his bachelor’s from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). He is a passionate Mechatronics Engineer. Sharjeel has a vast knowledge of science, especially electronics, mechanics, and automation. During his bachelor’s degree, he started many entrepreneurial ventures like,, and
After graduation, he decided not to opt for any job but to start his own company where he could offer his engineering services to clients worldwide. As a result of it, he started to grow his company

CEO of Zetasol- Sharjeel Shahid

After many trials and rejections from various platforms, Sharjeel Shahid created his platform to get customers worldwide. He joined Fiverr in 2018, and after two years of constant work, his account got blocked, pushing him to develop his own company.
Zetasol was then developed on his own using WordPress. After that, he directed his attention toward it. Later, he hired different freelancers from LinkedIn to join his company and work on many international projects.
As a result of it, he, along with his team, do more than hundreds of successful projects, including Website development, Software development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and many other IT services that you can check out on the Zetasol website.

Zetasol Expansion

After the success of, Sharjeel purchased more domains for his company to rank in other countries, Like the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.
Zetasol now has three website domains and three different websites:
He is now working to rank his company on top of the target keywords.

Other Websites Managed by Sharjeel

Apart from Zetasol, Sharjeel worked on other websites as well.

The very first website he developed was back in the year 2016. This website aims to connect students from all over the country to where they can sell their books and other stationary items.
The website was an e-commerce portal designed and developed using WordPress. On the website, students can come and list the books or stationery items that are spare to them. This way, the other student can search for and purchase it at a relatively lower price.
After that, he came up with a new idea and developed It was a multipurpose listing website where users could sell anything. It was a generic online market where you could buy anything with a click.
Later on, he developed is an opportunity that allows you to earn money from each of your articles. 

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Welcome to Sharjeel’s Blog. Sharjeel Shahid is a 22 years old passionate Mechatronics Engineer. He is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Counsellor. He is the CEO of He is also the founder of